Below you will find our hearty menu which is available all week. (A Lunchtime Deals Menu is available Mon – Fri: 12 till 3.)

    • Main Meals

    • Steak and Guinness Pie


      Slow cooked steak pieces in an onion and Guinness sauce encased in a shortcrust pastry.

    • Chicken, Bacon and Leek Pie


      Tender chicken breast slowly cooked with chunky bacon and leeks encased in a shortcrust pastry.

    • Roasted Root Veg Pie


      Roasted root vegetables topped with potato and cheese encased in a shortcrust pastry.

    • All pies served with peas and gravy. Alongside your choice of Champ (mash with spring onions) or Chunky Chips.

    • Lamb Shank


      Lamb shank cooked in a fresh rosemary and mint sauce. Served on a bed on seasoned mash with peas.

    • Classic Fish Pie


      A trio of Salmon, Smoked Haddock and Cod slowly cooked in seasoned milk with spring onions. Topped with cheesy mash and served with Irish wheaten bread.

    • Cottage Pie


      Pan fried minced beef, onions, peas and carrots in a rich meaty tomato sauce topped with cheesy mash. Served with a slice of granary bread.

    • Traditional Irish Stew


      Tender pieces of slow cooked lamb with onions, carrots, potatoes and mint. Served in a rustic sourdough bread bowl.

    • Beef Lasagne


      Pasta layered with a meaty Bolognese and Béchamel sauce, topped with cheese. Served with homemade garlic bread and a salad garnish.

    • Posh Fish Finger Bap


      Beer-battered cod goujons served in a ciabatta bun with tartare sauce, iceberg lettuce and fries.

    • Burgers

      All burgers are served with salad garnish, homemade coleslaw and french fries.

    • Beef Burger


      6oz. beef burger in a brioche bun, topped with crispy bacon, monterey jack cheese and a tangy tomato relish.

    • Chicken Burger


      Southern fried chicken fillets in a brioche bun topped with crispy bacon, monterey jack cheese and a tangy tomato relish.

    • Spicy Bean Burger


      A mix of red kidney beans, carrot, onion, green pepper and potato coated in a breadcrumb served on a brioche bun topped with a beetroot relish and fried halloumi.

    • Jacket Potatoes

      All jacket potatoes are served with a salad garnish and homemade coleslaw.

    • Sausage, Beans and Cheese

    • Tuna, Mayo and Cheese

    • Cheese and Coleslaw

    • Grilled Panini

      All paninis are served with a salad garnish and homemade coleslaw.

    • Tuna, Mayo, Cheese and Chilli Jam


      Tuna mayo with melted cheddar and a hot habanero chilli relish.

    • Meatballs and Mixed Cheese


      Swedish meatballs in a tomato salsa with cheddar, red leicester and spring onions mixed with mayo.

    • Bacon, Brie and Caramelised Onion


      Crispy bacon served with gooey brie and caramelised red onion chutney.

    • Goat's Cheese, Beetroot and Rocket


      Goat's cheese with peppery rocket and a british beetroot relish.

    • Ham and Cheese


      Traditional melted cheddar with honey-roast ham.

    • Add a bucket of skin-on fries to share

    • Salad Bowls

      All our salads consist of fresh salad leaves with baby tomatoes, cucumber, spicy beetroot, homemade coleslaw and sesame seeds. Alongside your choice of topping.

    • Hot Chicken and Bacon


      Fresh salad topped with crispy bacon and grilled chicken breast drizzled with Caeser dressing.

    • Creamy Goat's Cheese and Walnut


      Fresh salad topped with creamy goat's cheese and walnuts drizzled in a classic vinaigrette.

    • Loaded Fries

      A basket of fries topped with your choice from the selection below.

    • Dirty Meatballs


      Swedish meatballs in a meaty bolognese sauce sprinkled with Italian parmesan cheese.

    • Buffalo Chicken Wings


      Succulent chicken wings in a red hot habanero chillies and cayenne pepper sauce.

    • Fish and Chips


      A play on the traditional seaside meal, with beer battered cod goujons and tartare sauce.

    • Super Cheesy Melt


      Topped with melted cheddar and red leicester.

    • Stacked Nachos

      Basket full of layered salted tortilla chips and cheese topped with your choice from the section below.

    • Chilli Con Carne


      Beef chilli with red kidney beans in a mildly spiced tomato sauce with sprinkling of jalapenos, cheddar and a dollop of sour cream.

    • Veggie Chilli


      Homemade chilli using substitute beef, red onion, kidney beans, baked beans and a mild tomato sauce with a sprinkling of jalapenos, cheddar and a dollop of sour cream.

    • Super Nachos


      Topped with tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream and sprinkled with jalapenos.

    • Goujons

      Crispy southern fried chicken Goujons with a selection of dips.

    • 6 Goujons

    • 12 Goujons

    • Sunday Menu

      The following dishes are available every Sunday in addition to the main menu. Your choice of meat comes alongside roast potatoes, champ, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal veg and gravy.

    • Lamb Shank


      Tender lamb shank served in a red wine and rosemary sauce.

    • Rib of Beef


      Rib of beef in a Lancaster Red Ale sauce.

    • Roast Chicken


      Half a succulent roast chicken served with a rich chicken gravy.

    • Vegetarian Roast


      Vegetarian Option Available ~ Please Ask!